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A special place in Andalusia

Finca  de  la  Horca

Einzigartige Momente

Experience unique moments.

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Experience a unique feeling of freedom in sun-drenched Andalusia. The Finca de la Horca farm is located on the edge of the only European desert, with famous filming locations from "Indiana Jones," "Once Upon a Time in the West," or "Der Schuh des Manitu." With ample parking and camping spaces, as well as holiday homes, we offer a welcoming retreat for travelers all year round. A fascinating place with views of nature and the idyllic village of Sorbas. We also produce our own organic olive oil. And our chickens lay fresh eggs daily for you.

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Experience Andalusia from here

A holiday home with a special view

Enjoy peace and tranquility in our idyllic holiday homes, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and gaze at the clear starry sky above. With a breathtaking view of the majestic Löwenberg, our cozy houses provide the perfect retreat for 2 or more people with all the amenities you'll need.

Natural pitches to choose for yourself

Arrive in sun-drenched Andalusia. With ample pitches and camping spaces, we offer a welcoming retreat for travelers all year round. Warm, natural, and familial, you'll find your natural pitch on different levels.

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A place for activities & relaxation

Discover a world of adventure from here. From exploring the breathtaking "Sorbas Caves", the enchanting village of Sorbas, spectacular views with far-reaching vistas, bike rides to thrilling hours on the Circuito Almeria or in the Western movie town of "Texas Hollywood".

A horse farm for lovers

A horse farm that we have been maintaining for six years with passion and respect for our animals. On our farm of just under one hectare, we offer our horses only the best in feed and tested water from our own source. Here, our horses find a loving home and an environment that is tailored to their needs.

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Finca de la Horca

Finca de la Horca12

04270 Sorbas, Almeria

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